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BioWare confirms ‘the banging is flattering good’ in Mass Effect: Andromeda

The opportunities for intergalactic hookups in Mass Effect: Andromeda are not lacking in apportion or quality.

Asking a doubt all Mass Effect fans have been wondering, Twitch pennon Kristine Steimer got a rather vehement response from Mass Effect: Andromeda writer Michael Gamble.

We already knew that Andromeda was going to offer some-more intrigue options than ever before, though now we know a size of a romance, “pretty good.” You know what, we’ll take it. Gamble also reminded a sex-obsessed fans that Andromeda is an M-rated game, and calmed one really endangered gamer who might be saving themselves for a Enkindlers. Needless to say, follow ups to a Twitter review were flattering great. Here are some of the favorites.

Mass Effect: Andromeda comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC Mar 21st.

Source: Steimer on Twitter

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