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BioShock executive Ken Levine to emanate interactive Twilight Zone film

The Twilight Zone

BioShock executive Ken Levine has begun work on a Twilight Zone film meant to “explore a spaces between cinema and games.”

The film will use “interactive video” record from Interlude, a same record used in a viral “Hulk vs. Ant-Man” Coca-Cola trailer from this year’s Super Bowl. Interlude allows viewers to pierce seamlessly between mixed video streams, therefore vouchsafing a assembly impact a narrative.

“Interactivity is a spectrum. It’s not binary,” Levine told Wired. “I consider of it as a viewer’s angle in a chair. When we watch something, you’re sitting behind in a chair. When you’re gaming, you’re disposition brazen in a chair. This is an engaging place in between… your mind is brazen in a chair.”

Note that this Twilight Zone film isn’t a large open-world diversion Levine’s been teasing, though a personal plan apart from his work with 2K.

“Most people spend time with their kids or go on vacation,” Levine said. “I do things like this.”

There’s no famous recover date for the Twilight Zone film yet.

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