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Bethesda files fourth heading focus for “Starfield” name


Game studios, on occasion, record a heading associated to a diversion before it’s been publicly announced. But one mark in sold has again emerged after several years, notwithstanding still carrying no distinct games or properties tied to it.

The rights to “Starfield”—a name Bethesda’s primogenitor association ZeniMax Media initial filed an focus for in 2013—continue to be sought, according to an Apr 11th filing beheld by GameSpot.

The focus is a fourth of a kind between a United States Patent Trademark Office and ZeniMax, usually this time a Starfield name is tied to “Mobile focus software.” GameSpot records that a prior 3 applications mention mechanism and console games, so there is no approach to establish a categorical height as of yet. That being said, Bethesda initial mobile game, Fallout Shelter, has proven quite successful for a publisher, and after this year it will recover a collectible label game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, on mobile as good as PC.

Outside of a trademark application, conjunction Bethesda nor ZeniMax have strictly discussed Starfield.

Artist’s digest of Starfield gameplay pleasantness of sgprolab on YouTube.

Source: GameSpot

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