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Berserker Star Card is now live in Star Wars Battlefront


Now live in Star Wars Battlefront, a new Berserker Star Card allows players to trade health metamorphosis time for a large repairs increase.

Announced on EA’s Star Wars Battlefront blog, a Berserker label requires execution of a Hutt agreement to unlock. The bounty “Mandalorian Strength” can be purchased for 8000 credits and usually requires players to strech spin 3 on any trait label 5 times. After finishing a bounty, Berserker is yours for a taking!

When equipped, a trait grants reward repairs with primary blasters if you’ve taken any damage. On a flip-side, players will have to wait an increasing volume of time before their health starts to regenerate, though that seems like a really easy trade considering such a huge bump to damage. On a blog, a developer enclosed a following notes:

Berserker Trait:
“Living underneath infamous conditions in a Outer Rim, we schooled not usually to conflict pain though also to strap it to spin stronger than your opponents.”

  • As a Berserker abounding in pain, we will reanimate slower though in spin do some-more repairs with your blaster when hurt.

  • Reach Level 3 to be means to soak adult some-more repairs before being defeated.

  • Use this in combo with a new Adrenaline Stim if you’re exceedingly harm and fast need to get out of trouble.

The label arrives as partial of Star Wars Battlefront‘s giveaway open content, along with other Hutt Contracts and in-game events.

Source: EA Star Wars

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