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Battlefield 1 dev coyly reveals skeleton for Community Test Environment

Battlefield 1 will shortly get its possess CTE (Community Test Environment) in that developer DICE will likely test arriving password-protected servers.

Battlefield 4 and Hardline both featured CTEs, in that a developer could exam updates and get village feedback, though Battlefield 1 has nonetheless to see such an option. In a Twitter response to a fan per a prolonged awaited password-protected servers, DICE writer Ali Hassoon suggested that a developer is “very close” to implementing a feature, though it will expected be tested in a new CTE first.

Neither underline is strictly dated, though deliberation that fans should see a password-protected servers really soon, a CTE will logically dump even earlier than that. There is a good possibility a CTE will be adult a few weeks before to a launch of Battlefield 1‘s arriving They Shall Not Pass DLC in sequence to exam it, or presumably earlier in time for February’s large update.

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