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Battleborn’s initial hotfix arrives


Battleborn might usually be a week old, though it has already perceived a initial hotfix.

Announced in a Battleplan, Battleborn’s newly minted weekly newsletter, a recent hotfix has been implemented to assistance change a rival multiplayer. Personally, I’m happy to see some Galilea nerfs, that should make a game’s PvP knowledge most some-more accessible to a m�lange characters we like to play. It’s overwhelming to see Gearbox behaving fast to make adjustments formed on feedback, and hopefully we’ll be saying a map rags (to diminution snags on geometry) soon.

Here’s a full list of records from a fix, as taken from Gearbox:


  • Reduced Galilea’s Great Sword repairs by 18%
  • Reduced Shield Throw repairs by 33%


  • Reduced a transformation speed reward of Miko’s turn 7 Left Helix Augment, Fight or Flight, to 15% and a generation to 2s
  • Reduced a recovering outcome of Biosynthesis by 25%


  • Reduced ISIC’s bottom health by 20%
  • Reduced Rotating Wards’ retard strength by 50%
  • Reduced Watchful Wards’ reward by 40%

Other Notes:

  • Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed adult matchmaking times
  • Fixed a teenager audio emanate on a Meltdown map, Paradise
  • Changed all Faction rob packs to clear during turn 15
  • Reduced a Silver and Gold award mandate for any award in a story goal “The Archive” by 20%
  • Doubled a health of still invulnerability objectives in story mode
  • Made opening improvements on a multiplayer maps Echelon and Coldsnap

Still on a blockade about Battleborn? Check out the examination to find out how it stacks up.

Source: Gearbox Software

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