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BAFTA winners announced, indies power supreme


Fallout 4 may have won best diversion of 2016 during a BAFTAs, though a handful of indie titles won took home many of a awards.

Everbody’s Gone to a Rapture, Her Story, and Rocket League all tied for many awards with 3 each.

Doom co-creator John Carmack was also awarded a British Academy’s top hono(u)r, a Fellowship.

Here’s a full list of winners, true from a Academy:

  • Best Game – Fallout 4
  • AMD eSports Audience AwardSmite
  • Artistic Achievement – Ori and a Blind Forest
  • Audio Achievement – Everybody’s Gone to a Rapture
  • BAFTA Ones to Watch – Sundown
  • British GameBatman: Arkham Knight
  • Debut Game – Her Story
  • Family Game – Rocket League
  • Game DesignBloodborne
  • Game InnovationHer Story
  • Mobile Handheld – Her Story
  • Multiplayer – Rocket League
  • Music – Everybody’s Gone to a Rapture
  • Original Property – Until Dawn
  • Performer – Merle Dandridge (Everybody’s Gone to a Rapture)
  • Persistent Game – Prison Architect
  • Sports Game – Rocket League
  • Story – Life is Strange

To see all a nominations and winners, check out a central BAFTA list.

Source: BAFTA

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