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Artist Reimagines Zelda Universe with Roles Reversed

Having a bit of fun, though also desirous by Anita Sarkeesian’s Video Game Tropes vs Women, artist Aaron Diaz has remained The Legend of Zelda by a array of illustrations in that Zelda is a adventurer and Link is a dude-in-distress.

Diaz’s representation is patrician The Legend of Zelda: Clockworks Empire, that he describes is “set 2,000 years after Twilight Princess.” Diaz describes himself as a “very large Zelda fan” who wanted to try a authorization and uncover that “Zelda as a diversion protagonist can be both constrained and loyal to a franchise, while bringing new and energetic diversion elements that go over than being a elementary gender swap.”

In his interpretation of a franchise, Link becomes Prince Link, Ganon becomes Ganondorf Dragmire, arch confidant to a Hylian throne, and Zelda becomes an “aspiring Battle-Mage.”

All things said? I’m onboard. Always a fan of womanlike protagonists removing a spotlight, and we consider it’s fun when a boys need saving. we doubt we’ll ever see something like this come to life—despite a fact that Ocarina of Time valid Zelda, masquerading as Sheik, is some-more than able of doing herself—but it’s still a novel concept.

All of Diaz’s illustrations can be found on his Tumblr account.

Source: Dresden Codak Tumblr

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