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Are we a large adequate Kojima fan to spend $2000 on this statue?

If we cruise yourself a Kojimaholic with disposable income, a new statue of Ludens, a Kojima Productions company mascot, is accessible for pre-order.

The 1/2 scale statue of Ludens is utterly a steer to behold. Priced during $2,000, the collectible was combined Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio, and facilities implausible LED lighting. Only 150 of a brave half-sized spacemen will be built, though any will be sealed by Hideo Kojima himself. For those rich (or devoted) adequate to collect adult one of a statues, don’t pierce your antique vase collection to make room usually yet—the collectibles won’t boat until early 2018.





Personally, I’ll be watchful for the unavoidable Funko Pop chronicle of Ludens. Not usually will it be a small easier on a pocketbook, though it will also fit some-more easily on my desk.

Source: Sideshow Toy

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