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Anartic Base map and Mutated Zombies suggested for Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps

Capcom has announced that its Resident Evil-themed third-person shooter, Umbrella Corps, will embody a map formed on the Antarctic Base from Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

“The sinful bequest of Umbrella stretches behind many decades, including a construction of a trickery built in Antarctica in 1969,” Capcom writes. “Flash brazen to 1998, Umbrella’s Antarctic bottom suffers a full-blown t-virus conflict and is henceforth put out of elect by a actions of Claire and Chris Redfield. Though a trickery was ravaged by a self-destruct system, a snowy, multi-leveled body creates for a superb bridgehead in a exhilarated third-person shootouts of Umbrella Corps.”

Alongside this new map, Capcom also suggested a new rivalry in a form of special “Mutated Zombies,” that will seem in a Multi-Mission Mode’s SP DNA Hunter order set. Mutated Zombies can understanding large damage, have lots of health, and are defence to a effects of a Zombie Jammer pack. Also, any enemies nearby a Mutated Zombie are also defence to a jammer.

Umbrella Corps launches Jun 21st for $29.99 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Capcom Unity

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