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Amplitude is finally entrance to PlayStation 3


Harmonix has damaged a overpower on Kickstarter by confirming that a PlayStation 3 chronicle of Amplitude is roughly here.

“To contend ‘It’s been a while…’ would be a flattering large understatement,” a developer wrote. “That said, a aged observant ‘No news is good news’ rings flattering loyal here, since I’m here to give we updates on all superb with Amplitude.”

The PlayStation 3 chronicle of a diversion has been submitted to acceptance and will be expelled during some indicate in April. Harmonix is aiming for early April, though an tangible recover date has not been nailed down.

Harmonix also announced that a earthy Kickstarter rewards will be prepared somewhat after a PlayStation 3 chronicle releases. However, a vinyl is going to take another 3-4 weeks on tip of this. All earthy rewards should be sent out mid-to-late April.

Source: Kickstarter

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