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All of LawBreakers’ post-launch characters and map DLC will be free


All of LawBreakers‘ post-launch characters and maps will be free, according to Boss Key Productions owner and COO Arjan Brussee.

Speaking with us during an eventuality focused on Boss Key’s arriving team-based shooter, LawBreakers, Brussee pronounced that he doesn’t wish to have a DLC devise that cuts out players who don’t adopt new content.

“[Boss Key is] holding lessons from a things that don’t work good with DLC in some-more normal shooters where each DLC container fragments your audience. Let’s recover all this calm for everybody and figure out other ways to get income if we wish income for certain things instead of only fragmenting everything.”

Brussee pronounced that, during a finish of a day, Boss Key wants to safeguard a unchanging sourroundings between new players and veterans.

“We wish people to keep personification LawBreakers get cold new things but creation it harder to play or find friends. You still see that with games and we say, ‘Why can’t we find anybody to play this map with?’ It’s crazy. So we don’t wish to do that.”

LawBreakers is set to recover exclusively on Steam someday this summer.

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