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A TV uncover competence infer this large Nintendo Switch trickle is real

A user on Reddit claims to have leaked a whole lineup of a Nintendo Switch.

At a time it was posted, there was no justification during all that anything a leaker claimed was true—Nintendo’s been gripping a sincerely parsimonious lid on any information about a Switch’s launch titles, and we substantially won’t find out some-more until a large Switch display subsequent week. Now, though, word from Nickelodeon Studios competence have only thrown these leaks a pellet of credibility.

Amongst a launch titles and lists of third-party games, a leaker done one note about a “Nickelodeon show.”

“Me and others in selling have listened about this uncover thought floating around dual years ago,” a leaker wrote. “It’s a 3D charcterised showed [sic] starring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Captain Toad. Globally it will be called Super Mario TV World though in a US it will be called The NEW Super Mario Bros Super Show and will have a remixed chronicle of a classical animation song.”

Then, Frederator Studio owner Fred Seibert spoke on a Nick Animation podcast about a “famous video game” that will shortly be done into a show.

“We have a plan now that we’re doing that needs to go unnamed, formed on one of a many universe famous video games of a final 30 years, that we’ve had in a emporium for twelve years though being means to get it started,” Seibert pronounced (via Destructoid). “But there were good characters and a good story, and eventually we got it going.”

A famous diversion that’s 30 years old, and not already protected out? Mario really fits a bill.

So, what else did a leaker predict? Among other things, he or she offering adult a names of several Wii U ports. These are games that we know are coming, though don’t have titles for yet—so these should be easy to check once they’re strictly announced. According to a leaker, titles embody Splatoon ReFresh, Pokkén Tournament: Evolution, and Super Smash Bros. Fusion, while a new 3D Mario diversion competence be Super Mario Switcharoo.

The leaker also claimed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild will recover in a second entertain of 2017 with a special book gold of a console designed to demeanour like a Sheikah Slate, as good as some singular book Amiibo.

As for new games, a leaker predicts we’ll see Pikmin Wars as a “spiritual fourth diversion in a array and also kind of a reboot,” as good as Pokémon Stars, presumably a followup to Pokémon Sun and Moon though with an softened engine.

The leaker expected distant too most to list here—all of a information was suggested in a densely-packed 8 page document—but we can review a whole thing on Google Docs. Be certain to take it with an huge pellet of salt; we don’t know a leaker’s sources, or any other corroborating information. The tidbit about a Mario show, however, means that there only competence be something here that’s value a look.

We’ll find out more, including expected some information that will endorse or repudiate this leak’s validity, when Nintendo binds the subsequent large Switch display subsequent week on Jan 12th.

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